Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of VILLAGE BEACH MARKET (“Retailer”)

This Retailer service is provided jointly by Retailer and its licensor, Digital Foodie Ltd. (2304473-5).

This is the Privacy Policy (“Policy”) of Retailer and its licensor, together “we” (“Us”). This Policy elaborates the other documents provided by Retailer (such as the Service Agreement) as far as privacy and protection of privacy are concerned.

Retailer provides a free-of-charge service that enables a consumer-client to use the service to obtain personalized information on food products and recipes (“Service”). You and Retailer will enter into an agreement concerning the Service (“Agreement”). We want to explain You Our use of Your personal data because the use of the Service requires that You give Us certain rights relating to Your personal data.

We are aware that Your personal data needs to be protected carefully. Your privacy is very important for Us. This Policy defines the rules and practices that are applied to the Personal Data (as defined below) and which are collected from the users of Our Service (”You”, ”User”, ”Users”).

We process Your Personal Data to be able to provide the Service to You and enable all functionalities included in it. For us  to be able to do this We automatically analyze Your shopping patterns and information described below. Furthermore, we may send Your Personal Data, upon Your consent, to our cooperation partners  (“Partners”) to enable provision of related services to You (including but not limited to food delivery in home).

We process Your Personal Data to enable the Service. Only a limited number of named personnel members have access to the Personal Data in Our registers. Such persons have a need to process Your Personal Data for them to be able to take care of their duties at us.

We kindly remind You that not all below mentioned types of Personal Data are processed in the Service in all situations. The below list contains all types of Personal Data that can be processed in the Service in the maximum extent. Some types of Personal Data We process only if You have voluntarily decided to grant us the right to process those types of Personal Data.

We are glad to answer Your questions relating to processing of Personal Data.

In brief:

We do not collect Personal Data without You knowing it and without Your consent;

We do not transfer Your Personal Data to third parties unless You have given Your consent to it;

You can check, amend and delete Your Personal Data in Our registers; and

We will take actions required by the applicable law to guarantee the information security of the Personal Data We have collected from You.

What Kind of Personal Data and Other Data Are We Processing?

For Us to be able to provide a high quality Service and to create a useful channel of communication between You and Us We process the following types of Personal Data:

a1. Personal Data that You provide Us:

– Your given name and Your surname

– Your street address or Your postal address

– Your email address

– Your mobile phone number

– Your age and gender

– information relating to Your loyalty cards (bonus cards)

Information listed above in a1 We transfer to Our Partners based on Your specific consent only.

a2. Personal Data containing confidential information about You or Your family:

– Your user ID and Your password

– Your IP address

– identification information of Your mobile phone

– purpose of use of our products and services

– information on Your family members and information on Your pets

– Your preferences, dislikes and allergies listed in the Service

– Your budget, favorite grocer and purchase dates listed in the Service

– contact information of Your family members enabling You to share Your shopping lists

– Your preferred Partners

– Your history of use of the Service

– information on You entering into agreements with Retailer (e.g. the Agreement)

– information on joining mailing lists, orders and payments

– Your contact information in social media services such as Facebook user ID


Information listed above in a2 are only used by Us to enable better recommendations and overall Service for You and Your family.

1. Statistical information that emerge through Your use of the Service:

– Statistical, non-identifiable information on use frequency and times of use of the Service

– Statistical, non-identifiable information on most favorable goods and brands and their purchase frequency

– Statistical, non-identifiable information on foods, favorable recipes, favorable meals, their popularity and purchase frequency

– Statistical, non-identifiable information on most favorable commercials and their popularity

– Statistical, non-identifiable information on most favorable stores, distances between purchasers and stores and points of time or purchases made

– Statistical, non-identifiable information on age and gender of the users of the Service and their geographical location and number of their family members

– Statistical, non-identifiable information on user feedback and user surveys

We reserve the right to publish statistical, non-identifiable information in the Service (such as most preferred foods or products and top lists).  Please note that Your Personal Data is not processed therewith. We also use 3rd party analytics tools that process statistical information in anonymously.

2. Location data:

You can transfer Us information about Your geographical location. Based on that information We can show You the nearest stores, their opening hours and their special offers.

3. Information shared between You and Your family:

Upon Your choosing, You can share information listed in (a) and (b) above amongst such of Your family members who are also using the Service.

4. Information shared in the Service amongst the Service users:

The Service includes community oriented features that enable sharing of information amongst the other users of the Service. You can choose what types of information You want to share. The types of information You can share amongst the Service user community are as follows:

– The nickname or screen name You are using;

– Your avatar;

– Your likings, Your ratings and Your reviews;

– the users that You are following and the users that are following You;

– Your favorites (Please note that this is not a default.);

– Badges and similar that are granted to You when using the Service; or

– the content that You specifically publish in the Service such as Your recipes and Your blogs.

When do We Collect Personal Data?

We collect only such Personal Data that are necessary to provide the Service to You. Please note that various features of the Service require different kind of processing of Your Personal Data.

When You use the Service You must provide Us with information that are necessary to use the Service. This includes information on Your shopping preferences in form of the Personal Data.

When You use the Service You also have the possibility to communicate with those individuals You have accepted as Your friends in the Service and also with the Partners. Simultaneously, We process Your Personal Data to be able to deliver You food recipes and foods related information such as personalized offers from Our Partners to You.

Our Partners may also process Your Personal Data and transfer the same to Us. Such information includes Your loyalty card number.

When You call or write Our customer service We collect Your contact information and information relating to the Service enabling Us to serve You.


By entering into the Agreement and by giving separate consents (by ticking boxes on Our web site) You accept that We may collect, use and transfer Your Personal Data according to the Agreement and the law in force. If You do not accept the Agreement You cannot use the Service.    


Minors (according to the applicable law) do not have the right to use the Service.

Third Parties

If You provide Us Personal Data of a Third Party You shall make sure that You have the right to provide such data. You need consent of the Third Party.

How Do We Use Personal Data?

We process Your Personal Data to provide personalized food and recipe recommendations to You and to tailor Your experience of Our Service according to Your preferences and to be able to make ever better recommendations for You in the Service.

We process Your Personal Data to carry out the Agreement.

We process Your Personal Data to carry out Our law stated obligations.

We process Your Personal Data to enable processing of Our customer databases for marketing of Our products and services.

We process Your Personal Data to enable development of the Service and troubleshooting of the Service and enhancing the content in the Service.

We process Your Personal Data to provide You with tips and hints on how to better use Our Service, to inform You of new features in the Service and to provide You information You may be interested in.

Upon Your consent We may send You direct marketing messages.

We process Your Personal Data to develop, market, sell and produce Our products and Our services and the products and services of Our Partners upon Your consent or upon the applicable law providing Us with the possibility.

Our Partners may process Your Personal Data according to the Agreement to be able to e.g. provide You with special offers.

To Whom Do We Transfer Personal Data?

We may transfer Your Personal Data to the Partners upon Your consent (e.g. in case of home delivery or click and collect).

This Policy does not address the questions on how the Partners process the Personal Data. Please contact Our Partners in that regard.

From time to time We may transfer Your Personal Data in the following manner:

to protect Our Service and Our rights under the Agreement;

to protect Ourselves from liability and to prevent malicious activity or when it is necessary to limit damages from occurring;

to carry out business transactions including sale of Our business, merger, demerger or other similar arrangement in which case Our information is transferred to an entity continuing Our business;

if the information already is public; or

to Our insurers or public authorities supervising Our business.

Please note that there are situations where divulging Personal Data can be justified or allowed or where we shall divulge such information. In this regard, the following situations may occur:

a court has issued an order or judgment or a public authority has issued an order concerning divulging of Personal Data; or when it is necessary to collect Our receivables.

How Do We Store Personal Data?

We store Your Personal Data in Our databases according to Our policies and the law in force. This period of time may exceed the time that You are in a contractual relationship with Us but only as long as is necessary enabling Us to reply any questions or claims possibly emerging later on.

Your Personal Data is stored in secure locations and servers that are controlled by Our Partners

How Do We Protect Personal Data?

We use physical, administrative and technical means of protection to guarantee the information security of the Personal Data. We use encrypted data transfers in the Service whenever possible to protect Your Personal Data. 

How Can You Amend and Delete Your Personal Data?

If You want to amend or delete Your Personal Data please contact Retailer at the addresses below.


We may from time to time monitor any data in the Service to enable the functioning of the Service. We reserve the right to sensor, amend, delete or prevent processing of any data in the Service should We deem such data unlawful or harmful. During monitoring the data may be copied and stored temporarily.


The Service provides links to third party sites for Your convenience. If You click any such links You are exiting the Service and entering another site or location. We do not assume any liability for such third party sites, their content or their information security unless otherwise mandated by mandatory laws.

Processing of Anonymous Data

In addition to what has been stated above, we may process anonymous information derived from information available in the Service for the following purposes: a) to store, process and transfer third party information in a situation where it is necessary to find out popularity of recipes, foods, purchasing frequencies, marketing efficiencies; b) to develop Our products and services, c) to cure defects in the Service and troubleshoot the Service and d) to market Our and the Partners’ products and services in general.

Amendments to This Policy

We may change or supplement this Policy from time to time. We will inform of any such events. New amended Policy shall only apply for future processing of information.

Further information

Further information is available in the Agreement.