Village Beach Market would like to welcome Samantha Lynch to our family as our new registered dietitian partner.

Look for Samantha’s guidance on this page where she will dispense invaluable nutrition advice, menu ideas and grocery recommendations from our own market.…Simply Better!

Samantha Lynch MS, RD CDN, is a registered dietitian in Vero Beach, FL.  She specializes in helping clients manage diet issues related to sports nutrition, weight, obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, food allergies, pre and postnatal wellness, menopause, geriatrics, and other concerning health conditions.

Samantha graduated in 2009 from New York University with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition and completed her Dietetic Residency at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan.  She continued to live and practice in New York where she founded Samantha Lynch Nutrition, providing extensive counseling services focused on developing a healthy balance between her clients’ active work, social, and family lifestyles.  Recognized and called upon frequently as a nutrition expert, Samantha often makes appearances on TV and online media outlets such as, Refinery29, and The Daily Meal.

After moving her practice to Vero Beach, FL in 2015, Samantha continues to help countless people achieve their wellness goals by taking a hands-on approach. She is not limited to scheduled office appointments, and maintains regular contact with her clients through email check-ins.

Personalized Counseling Services and Instruction Include:

Samantha Lynch Dietician